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Dokument security with digital rights management (DRM) and authenticity with certificates


To ensure continuous protection and security of your data, the document itself must be involved.

Die Adobe Livecycle Digital Rights Management ES  (DRM) - This solution ensures the following advantages:

  • Resistant protection and dynamic control of information within and also outside the organization.
  • Authenticity control of official documents and transactions throughout the lifetime of the document.
  • Respecting the responsibility of individual users and organizations for activities and decisions that take place electronically.
The digital signature (eg SuisseID) or a company certificate helps to increase the security and confidence of your customers in a document provided by you.
Your video content can also be protected with digital rights, whether to provide paid video services or distribute sensitive presentations only to authorized persons.


Of course, we advise you gladly on matters of document and video security.
Learn more about digital signatures and security certificates in PDF documents.