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Video & Audio over the internet; distribute multimedia content on multiple mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and Smart-TV's


Exactly these new exiting opportunities are for content providers a complex and challenging task.

Internet and desktop applications

Use today's impressives ways to transfer video / audio over the internet. Whether it is a video player with dynamic video quality switching (Dynamic Streaming with adaptive bit rate) or a desktop video player with digital rights (DRM), enjoy now a perfect and exciting video consumption over the internet.

Mobile applications with Adobe Air for mobile

So your customers can enjoy your multimedia content on many mobile devices, Adobe Air for mobile is a cross-platform (Android, iOS) and device-independent development environment.
We develop only 1 time the application and distribute it on numerous devices. This increases productivity, simplifies maintenance, and above all, it is cost-efficient.

TV-Applications with Adobe Air for TV

The new generations of Smart-TV's has the "Adobe Air for TV" runtime preinstalled. This allows you to offer your own, innnovative TV application to your customers.
Show your content (video / audio, image or text) over the TV to your customers.


Benefit from our experience of rendering (encoding), distribution (streaming) and view (player) of multimedia content over the internet.

We consult you and assist you with the implementation of:

  • Video / Audio Live or OnDemand (VOD) streaming over the internet. (with GPS functionality)
  • Live streaming (IP-Cam)
  • Recording live streams and rewind in real time (DVR)
  • View recordings (Video on demand)
  • Receive video / audio on multiple mobile devices

Video security (Digital Rights Management DRM)

Protect your video content with digital rights provided to offer paid video services. Distribute sensitive corporate presentations only to authorized persons. Prevent the illegal copying of your video files.
These complex problems can be solved with server-side permissions (Adobe Flash Access) and consumer-side checks (OSMF).
We will assist you on these issues in order to jointly work out a solution with you.