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What we offer

Web- and mobile applications for your company

Internet software development (Web apps & Rich Internet Applications RIA)

Fugo.ch Innovative Rich Internet Applications for the web, desktop, mobile and Smart-TV's. 
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Video & Audio im Internet

Adobe Flash Media Server Distribute multimedia content on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and Smart-TV's.
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Create, manage and use digital document processes

Create and manage workflows with Adobe LiveCycle ES and dynamic PDF forms

Adobe LiveCycle ES Efficient and an easy digital workflow design to participate from the mobile too.
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PDF, the intelligent document

Adobe Acrobat PDF Visual design, business logic, data management and multimedia in one pdf document.
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Document security and authenticity

Adobe Access Protect your sensitive content at its source. Your content protected, always and anytime.
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Efficent, simple and low-cost online collaboration

Web communication platform as cloud serivce or on-premise

Adobe Connect Real time collaboration, e-learning, webinars over the Internet.
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